OCR Access to Print

PC-Dependent Print Readers: (See below for Stand-Alone Print Readers)


Reader Mobile

ReadIt Air by GW Micro

For any visually impaired computer user, who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed or electronic format documents. ReadIt Air can also be used to magnify print materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, handouts and more. Just plug the lightweight camera into your PC or laptop and it instantly translates printed text into crystal clear speech. Letters, receipts, bank statements, books, product packaging etc. are all read with ease. It's perfect for practically any low vision user at home, school or work. The first such system to auto-detect other languages (optional) and adapt.

Key Features: Portable camera instantly reads & magnifies documents, near instantly (up to 20 pages per minute), Exceptionally accurate, powerful software, compact, stylish & light weight, auto language switching, save, load, import, export & bookmark your documents

ReadIt Air: $1,495 (RIA)
Additional Languages: $139 each

ReadDesk by Issist: All your printed text just a click away – needs PC


ReadDesk is a simple scanning, reading and magnifying device with all the features needed to make reading easy. It has instant text to speech capabilities.

At less than 1.5 lb, the ReadDesk camera folds into a netbook case, yet can take a picture of a full letter-sized page. One of the smallest, most affordable OCR products in the market. Price includes camera and software. ReadDesk makes daily reading a joy. Scan, read, magnify, save and listen to any printed material in a natural sounding voice.  

Price: ReadDesk: $795(RD)
ReadDesk Plus (adds MP3 and PDF conversion): (RD+): $895
For basic Notebook and case w/ReadDesk installed add $500 to above prices

E-bot, E-bot ADV and E-bot Pro by HIMS – needs PC or tablet

Connect your E-bot to your iPad or Android tablet, PC or Mac. Display directly on your iPad or Android device screen via dedicated Wi-Fi wireless access point and use a common gesture user-interface or on a monitor with HDMI. The first and only portable read, write and near/distance video magnifiers with iPad connectivity and optional OCR!

Use E-bot to read a book, see the blackboard or take notes in class. Use E-bot ADV to OCR capture the image on the screen, then listen to it read aloud through built-in speakers or headset (speaker jack available for  earphone or headset).

Display E-bot on your Windows PC or MacBook laptop. Set up is quick and the USB connection is easy, so moving from classroom to classroom or between the office and conference room is hassle-free. The E-bot PRO also offers a second dedicated OCR camera, electronic camera movement control, full-page OCR, save OCR text, captured pictures, images and recorded video and a writing feature.

E-bot: $2,695 (EB)
E-bot ADV (EBA): $2,995
E-bot PRO $3,895
ZoomText ImageReader – Needs PC

A software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible to people who are visually impaired, including books, magazines, business documents and more.  Put the printed item underneath the included document camera, snap a picture, and a few seconds later the text appears in large, high-contrast fonts and is read aloud in natural-sounding voices.  ImageReader can also capture and read text from image files, the Windows Clipboard or right off of your computer screen; perfect for reading graphical text from electronic documents and web pages. 
Optional multilingual feature with automatic language recognition.

Price: Standard camera, English only: $749. Mulitlingual: $849. For large camera add $100

Intel Reader (Stand alone)||||
eClipse Writer Pro -- 3 unique tools in one application

Read Only Mode is tailored for high quality Scanning and Reading applications. All functions are controlled from the PC Keyboard Number PAD allowing novice computer users to operate eClipseWriter as a simple scan and read machine

Word Processor Mode includes all scan and read features plus a powerful reading and writing tool compatible with a wide range of document formats including: MS Word, Word DocX, HTML, XML, RTF, Dtbook, Text, and PDF. eClipseWriter's automated Save As Daisy document conversion wizard provides simple and fast daisy book production for personal use.

Advance Book Producer Mode enables features designed for the professional Daisy book producer. Output formats include: Daisy 2.02, Daisy 3, Daisy 2005, NIMAS DTbook. Book types include text only and full text with synchronized audio. Audio output formats include MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, ASF, play-lists and DTB-DNA files for Daisy book network distribution and website library deployment.

eClipse Writer Pro With Camera:
$995 (EWPC)

Software only: $695 (EWP)

Coming Soon: The Cube Reader PC. Compact, attractively priced with multiple
languages included. Due out July or August 2012. More information later.

Stand-Alone OCR Print Readers (See above for PC-Dependent
OCR Print Readers)

i-Reader by Rehan

The i-Reader is the newest addition to our low vision product range. The i-Reader provides the user with a portable, easy to use text-to-speech experience by using naturally sounding voices. The user also has the option to choose between male or female voices, and can select one of the following languages: English, Spanish and French.  Other language options are available, including Chinese, Dutch, German, Polish and Russian but may add a week or so to delivery time.

The device also offers the basic options such as adjusting the reading speed and the volume. When connecting a monitor, you will be able to view the scanned document and read along the spoken text via highlighted words.
Collapsible camera for easy portability. Compact and lightweight model (includes carrying case)

Price: $2,195 (IRDR)  ($1,995 through the end of June)

Mercury by Issist - Access Solutions for your Tablet/Phone
Intuitive touch interface – Natural sounding voices

The latest solution for access to print and digital material is on your Android device.  Magnify text, have it spoken aloud using highly accurate OCR. Convert your phone or tablet into a handheld magnifier. Scan & Read books, newspapers, restaurant menus.  Listen to news that interests you in real time.

Stand (Turns your Mercury into a portable desktop CCTV)

$1,695: 13” Mercury with Stand  
$1,395: 13” Mecury (includes software 13” Samsung Galaxy)
$495: Mercury software only

Blaze EZ by HIMS, Inc. – stand alone device (coming soon, the Blaze ET)
A Revolutionary Multi-Player for Books, Music, Podcasts, Recording, DAISY and More with OCR to Speeech!

With single-button access to music, media, documents and even printed materials, Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player is yet another example of the HIMS commitment to blazing new paths to accessibility. Blaze EZ’s wide range of media support and on-the-spot OCR & text-to-speech ensures endless hours of information and entertainment at the touch of a button.  You can scan and read printed materials immediately, or save them for reading at your leisure. 
You can now also get the Blaze Premium Option Package (POP) which includes an OCR stand, desktop cradle, spare battery and an A/C adapter for charging.

Price: Blaze EZ $695 (BEZ)   Premium Option Package $149 (POP)   

POP items priced separately : OCR Stand: $99, Cradle: $40, Spare Battery: $40, A/C Adapter: $25.

knfbReader Mobile||||knfbReader Mobile

The first truly handheld devices to convert printed text into speech. Combining a state-of-the-art digital camera with a powerful personal data assistant housed in a custom-designed, attractive case, the knfbReader Mobile puts the best available character recognition software together with text-to-speech conversion technology. Optional cell phone use. The kReader Mobile serves the needs of persons with learning disabilities. Systems allow for saving and retrieving of files as well as transferring of files to and from a computer.

Price (Includes phone and software installation): $1,345 (knfb)

ReadEasy Move by GW Micro – stand alone device


A compact, fast, accurate and easy to use reading machine.  Just place your document or book under the camera, press the “Capture” button and within a few seconds your print material is being read aloud to you.  ReadEasy+ has an intuitive and tactually accessible design that makes ideal for persons with varying levels of vision loss, including total blindness.  The LV option permits being able to connect a monitor for seeing the text magnified as it is being read. The optional feature pack and touch screen feature pack increase the capabilities of the device, e.g., file management and book marking. Note that camera is held on magnetically and can easily be removed for portability Custom carrying case is included in the price.

Price: ReadEasy Move: $2,495 (REM) Keypad Option for REM: $200
ReadEasy Move  LV: $2,845 (REMLV) (Includes Keypad) Screen Option for REMLV: $155
Add Languages to any ReadEasy Move: $129 per language


The Stick SpeedReader by IRTI||||

The Stick SpeedReader by IRTI

The Stick SpeedReader is a document camera based scan and read appliance designed for fast and accurate OCR reading and offers two keypad options.  All functions operate via a simple keypad and self-voicing menu system.  The tiny footprint system weighs less than 9 pounds and the high resolution document camera folds and retracts into its telescopic stand for easy transport or storage.  The Stick SpeedReader is perfect for the Non-PC user or PC experts that want a high speed scan and read tool that also provides maximum entertainment value with its built-in Talking DVD Player, Internet Radio and music player.

Scan and Read Features


  • Instant Scan and Read Document Camera
  • Batch scan mode to quickly scan multiple pages.  Great for books and magazine
  • Column and Invoice reading modes
  • 11.5 x 14" viewing area to scan large books
  • High quality NeoSpeech Kate and Paul Text To Speech Voices
  • Navigate by Line, Word with Spell Word Feature
  • Voice Speed Rate and Pitch Control
  • Supports VGA and HDMI Video Output.
  • Reading system Low Vision Font Size and Color Adjustment when connected to the optional video monitor.
  • Includes book / document positioning matt defines camera viewing area and greatly simplifies camera based document scanning.

Two KeyPad Options


  1. Simple 6 Button keypad provides: Scan button, Read Button, Invoice / Bill Reading Mode button, Speed, Page Navigation and Help system.
  2. Enhanced 13 Button Keypad provides additional navigation, Font size and Color, and access to the menu system where you may save and open documents and covert documents to Daisybooks.

Daisy Book Features


  • Creates Daisy talking Books from images or textfiles
  • Automatically Burn Audio Books to DAISY CD (Requires Optional external CD or DVD Device)
  • Loads DAISY books to the Plextalk Pocket DAISY player
  • Converts, MS Word, Text, HTML, XML and PDF to DAISY text only and full text and audio DAISY books.

  • Included Hardware
  • Compact Home Theater PC
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System
  • HoverCam 5 Mega Pixel Document Camera
  • Simple 12 Key USB keyboard or 6 Key Option
  • Large Hard Drive Storage Space
  • Document Positioning Matt
  • Optional custom travel case shown above is priced at $79.00
Price: $2,195 (SSR)
Optional Travel Case: $99 (SSRTC)

The Simon Reader by Radixon||||

The Simon Reader by Radixon

Simon says let's read! As easy to operate as a photocopier; just place your text on the glass, press the start button and it reads! Fun and simple, like child's play! Simple, attractive, affordable, light weight, yet extremely powerful and with legal sized glass. Supports only one language – several to choose from. Intuitive, easy to learn text navigation via its ergonomic control panel. Scanning speed is typically 13 seconds per page.

Price: $2,295 (SIMON)

The Simon Reader by Radixon||||

Excalibur Like the Simon but with advanced features allowing for saving and retrieving scanned documents and copying them to and from a USB thumb drive, accumulating multiple-page documents and a multiple language option.

Price: $3,295 with single language. (EXCAL) Additional languages: $395 each