Music Technology

Accessible Music Reading

The Lime Lighter, Low Vision Music-Reading Device by Dansing Dots

||||The Lime Lighter lets people with low vision read print music with ease, clarity and comfort. If any of the following applies to you, take a look at The Lime Lighter: I used to love to play the piano but I can't any more since I can’t comfortably see the music on the music rack. I want to play in our school band, but I have to enlarge the sheet music so much that it falls off the music stand. I enjoy singing in the choir or chorus, but I struggle to see the music.

Relax with the Lime Lighter. Read the music with ease and clarity so that you can focus on the joy of music-making. The Lime Lighter displays magnified print music notation. You can advance or move back through the music on the screen using the foot pedal. Magnify music from 1.25 up to 10 times original size. Markup your music on the screen with special stylus and save for later. Listen to music playback in tempo.  

The Lime Lighter comes with a few example scores installed. In addition, Dancing Dots will provide 10 pages of music of your choice that you send them. Beyond that, there are 3 means of adding additional numbers to the system: 1) Scan them in - the scanning software is included but you will need a scanner, 2) Download music from te internet -  there may be copyright fees involved or 3) Compose your own using an electronic keyboard.

The Lime Lighter Presto consists of a a 23” All-in-one PC, a music stand with special physical interface, and wireless foot pedal.

The Lime Lighter Ligiero consists of an 18” taplet PC and the wireless foot pedal. Weighs only 5 pounds and can be mounted on a conventional music stand, piano music rack or a table. 4-hour rechargeable battery life.

The Lime Lighter Liberty consists of only the software and foot pedal.


Price: Lime Lighter Presto: $3,495 (LLP)    
Lime Lighter Leggiero: $2,995
Lime Lighter Liberty: $1,595
Optional Canon Canoscan LiDE 110 Scanner: $99