CCTV Enlargers

Aurora HD by Zoomax
24'' Widescreen Foldable Desktop Video Magnifier

Aurora HD, new foldable desktop video magnifier, integrates the advanced camera technology with the different needs of users. Aurora HD cares about your distinct operation needs at different operating levels. More comfortable image, less eye strain you get. You can also perform sorts of tasks easily with the flexible swivel monitor in diverse directions. For the tailored position of light and adjustable illumination, reading or writing becomes easier and carefree without shadow or glare bothering. 24’’widescreen means more content for reading at one time. No trouble of installation but power on directly.

Price: Aurora 24” HD: $2,450 (AUR24)

Mars HD by Zoomax

The Mars HD is perfect for students and professionals.  This versatile video magnifi er offers 3 viewing modes, making it easy to view objects that are close-up, to see materials on your desk and even watch presentations or read signs across the room.  And the Mars HD comes fully loaded. There is no need to choose between SD and HD models, or pay more for compatibility with a PC or Mac. Mars HD does it all for a lower price than the base models from other brands.  Mars HD provides the ultimate in portability too. The Mars HD weighs less than 2lbs, folds down easily and comes with an attractive and functional carry case. And the Mars HD on-board LI battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous use without ever having to worry about connecting to a power source. 
• 2x-80x magnifi cation (based on 14” screen)
• High-Definition (HD) auto focus camera
• 17 high-contrast color modes
• Light-weight, foldable and portable design
• 3 Viewing Modes: close, distance and self-viewing

Price: Mars HD: $2,290 (MARS)

The Snow 7HD

The Easiest to use 7-inch Handheld Video Maginfier.  It’s creativedesign offers the real-time crisp image on the ergonomically setteled widescreen and is still the easiest to use.  With its small book size and only 17 ounces, the Snow 7HD can be taken and used to read closely and see at a distanceanywhere, home, school, office, bus stop, shops, etc. 5 buttons: classic high contrast black and white buttons are functionally intuitive for you to start reading directly:

Zoom in,
Zoom out,
Change color mode,
Capure image,
Near and distant viewing

7” widescreen allows you to reach more words and part of picture on the screen while reading or writing. The ingenious design of the battery and stand can support 7 inch screen at an ergonomic angle steadily. With these features, Snow 7HD can satisfy your desire to read more and longer time in a comfortable position. Just enjoy your reading time and don’t worry about neck or eye strain.  Also there’s enough space under the HD camera for you to write. 

Price: Snow 7HD: $929 (S7)

Snow 4.3'' Handheld Video Magnifier

High Quality Image, Quick Movement
Snow is given the most advanced image technology and best camera. It offers sharp image even at the lowest magnification and under the fast movement. Three large and intuitive buttons just show you how the video magnifier works - very easy to get used to.  You can read and write on the go or at home  In order to make sure the image clean and clear, the camera is protected by glass from dust and scratch.

Foldable writing stand – One-hand control Design
The compact design of the 4.3’’ Snow is suitable for people to grab and operate using one hand with another hand free to do other things. With the foldable writing stand, you can write diary, sign the contract, bill or other documents. Writing stand can be folded when it’s not needed.

Price: Snow 4.3: $459 (S43)

LifeStyle Desktop CCTV's by HIMS Visit for information

LifeStyle HD||||

LifeStyle HD optimizes the high-definition image quality to produce a crisp, clear display. LifeStyle HD provides three primary benefits compared to a traditional standard-definition image:
Clearly readable magnification starting at 2x
Sharp, high contrast text display
Vivid realistic color image quality

All models offer monitor up/down, swivel and tilt plus multiple image modes selectable from a palette of 28 text and background combinations. In addition the HD and Standard models offer horizontal and vertical line markers, window settings, switchable PC input plus Picture mode(to maintain image geometry) and Text mode (for extended text spacing)

HIMS offers 6 desktop CCTV models, 2 of which are HD:

LifeStyle HD730 22": $2,995
LifeStyle HD730 24": $3,095
LifeStyleBasic D630 22”: $2,495 (D630/22)

SenseView Handheld CCTV's by HIMS


SenseView Duo offers built-in distance and close-up camera. You can store up to 20 images for later review. If you tilt close-up camera, you can use handwriting mode for memo or signature.
SenseView Duo||||
SenseView Duo: $695 (SVD)

Candy The first 5" HD wide-screen LCD handheld video magnifier. Auto focus. 20" focus depth. 1.5x-22.5x. Continuous zoom. Center camera. Buttons are easy to find and press. Weighs just 9.4 oz. 4.5 hour battery life, 3 hours to recharge. 5 image modes.
Candy Portable: $645

Candy Grip Want to get a handle on things? Try the Candy Grip. All the features You find on the Candy plus a unique 3-position handle for right- or left-handed use.
 Candy Grip||||
Candy Grip Portable: $695


Aumax-S by Aumed


Aumax-S by Aumed||||

Versatile magnification solution for seeing near, far, and self-viewing no mater of the materials to be viewed,brings you uncompromised image quality.
Sleek and compact design, Only 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs, take it with you anywhere.Quick setup going from traveling case to desk within just one minute.
Ultra-flexible camera head rotates 270 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally, bring distant text and information closer to your eyes.
Price: Aumax-S: $2,295 (AMXS) Keypad: $159 (Neither Monitor nor PC included in price) 



Aumax-LCD by Aumed||||

The only multi-purpose low vision viewer designed with Aumed Anti-Blur™ Technology.
Ideal for both left and right-handed students, with dual control panels on the revolving camera. This advanced video magnifier can provide student's desktop and teacher's "chalk board" magnification. Camera head slides fully from left to right side of LCD Magnifier.


Aumax-LCD: $2,395 (AMXLCD) X/Y Table: $269

Aukey by Aumed

Aukey is a Pocket-size solution for visually impaired people that is ultra-slim and lightweight but effectiveness and convenience uncompromised. The 3.5 inch TFT screen displays vivid image and sharp text. Centrally located camera makes reading very easy and intuitive. 3 button design easy to use. Package includes a detachable stand for reading for a long time.
Price: Aukey: $295 (AUK)