Blindness Access to Windows and iOS

In case you haven’t heard, if you have MS Office 2010 or later on you PC,
Window Eyes is now available as a free download!

PC Access – Blindness


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Window-Eyes is the most stable and powerful screen reader available on the market today. One Version Fits All - Whether you are using Windows XP/Windows 7 or Windows 8 and whether it be Home or Professional (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions), you do not pay more for Window-Eyes. There is simply one price Window-Eyes is typically the first to support new applications whether a new operating system or everyday applications. Unparalleled Support for Microsoft Office – GW’s relationship with Microsoft allows them to offer unparalleled support for Microsoft Office. W-E is the ONLY screen reader offering 100% text accuracy in Microsoft Word because of the way that W-E is programmed to work with Word. W-E is also the ONLY screen reader to be able to read every single type of chart in Excel. W-E also has an unparalleled custom ability to read row and header columns. Window-Eyes is the ONLY screen reader to make the Outlook Calendar fully accessible. For PowerPoint (as well as Word and Excel), W-E offers easy navigation with its Page Navigation dialog. Remote Desktop services and Citrix support are included in the basic price. Note that Window Eyes supports many Braille displays, including some PDA’s. Now with Window Eyes 8, you also get the ability to run it from a USB key (no administrative access needed), and Insert Key Layout which lets you make an easy transition from the competition. in the basic price. Note that Window Eyes supports many Braille displays, including some PDA's

Pricing: Window-Eyes: $895 (WE) SMA for W-E: $299 (includes 3 major upgrades) (WESMA)

Braille Displays


Braille Edge 40||||

Braille Edge 40 by HIMS
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Braille EDGE 40 is not only the most reliable, high-performance refreshable Braille display, it also helps you manage your daily activities. Create and save notes, or read books and documents with the notepad. Use the scheduler to remind you of important dates. Use the alarm to remind you of upcoming appointments, and take advantage of the built-in calculator, stopwatch and countdown timer. Works with Windows and iOS deices.

Price: Braille Edge 40: $2,995 (SBRL)


ALVA BC by Optelec

ALVA BC and Feature Pack The slim, light-weight design of this high-resolution, 40-cell Braille display provides the ultimate in portability. At 1.2 lbs, it is one of the lightest Braille displays on the market! More than just a Braille display, the BC 640 with Feature Pack is the first wireless display with long range connectivity where you can have full braille reading and writing access to your PC or Smartphone anywhere!

Price: ALVA BC 640: $4,195 (ABC640) Feature Pack: add $800 - Basic ALVA 640: $2,995 (A640) 

BraillePen 12 and BraillePen Slim||||

BraillePen 12 and BraillePen Slim (Braille Keyboard with and without Braille display)

Connect to your phone, netbook, PC or PDA; Write SMS, do 6-key entry into your favorite Braille translator, or simply type. If you want to text and email in complete privacy, or proof read effectively, the BraillePens are the most economic and portable Braille display and keyboard on the market. The BraillePens connect via Bluetooth wireless to virtually any device you have. For Windows access you'll need Window Eyes, System Access, Supernova or Dolphin Pen. They also work with MAC computer systems running Voiceover as well as Apple's iPad, iPod and the iPhone 3GS and 4 as well as mobile phones running Talks or MobileSpeak. Imagine the possibilities. Read and write email on your mobile phone while the phone is sitting in your pocket. Surf the Internet on your computer while sitting comfortably across the room from it. The BraillePens give you a quick and easy interface to all your accessible Bluetooth devices. The newly released clipboard feature allows users to jot down information on their BraillePen and effortlessly transfer it to their iPad or Mobile phone.

Price: BrailePen 12: $995 (With 12-cell display)
Price: Braille Pen Slim: $395 (Keyboard only, no display)

Also, see Accessible PDA's which can also be used for computer