Accessible GPS

Trekker Breeze by Humanware

Trekker Breeze by Humanware||||

The Breeze offers very simple and affordable accessible GPS for people who are visually impaired. As simple as your TV remote, Breeze can be controlled by one hand. It verbally announces names of streets, intersections and landmarks as you walk. No need to stop passersby to know where you are. Simply press a button and Breeze tells you your location on the spot. When you are in a vehicle, Breeze announces all intersections, allowing you to exit when you want.

Trekker Breeze: $699 (BREEZE)

Kapten Mobility GPS by Kapsys


Get Real-Time GPS Navigation using voice or keyboard commands
This pocket-size, voice-recognition GPS device provides trouble-free navigation whether you are walking, driving or using public transportation! Gives your precise location. Provides a description of what's around.Saves your preferred locations. Includes walking, driving, and public transportation routes.

Alternate Methods for Data Input: Voice-controlled input using built in speaker/microphone or headset or letter by letter input using tactile keypad

Embedded Digital Maps—Entire USA Map Included
MP3, FM Radio and DAISY Player

Price: Kapten: $499 (KPTN)